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    If you are planning a visit to Orebic, Kuciste, Viganj, Loviste, Podobuce, Postup... or some of the other small places in this part of Peljesac - here you will find useful and interesting information to make your holiday more pleasant and simpler to organize.
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    We offer you information about: hotels, accommodation in villas, holiday homes and apartments, car hire, scooter rental, bicycle rental, boat rental, different sports and entertainment facilities, restaurants and taverns, shops.. everything you need to plan and enjoy your holidays here.
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Orebic is the biggest settlement on Peljesac peninsula. It offers the most of the shops, restaurants, bars, clubs and it's the economic and administrative center of Peljesac, and also the... Read more


While Orebic is mostly family destination, Viganj is place for active holidays. Altough you can just relax and enjoy sea, sun, and a natural beauty of this village, Viganj is... Read more


Lovište is situated in a beautiful bay on the western part of Peljesac peninsula.Thanks to it's geographic location and characteristics of the terrain, there is very little rain in this area... Read more


Kuciste is located only 5 km west of Orebic, at the foot of mount St. Ilija.The locals are mostly engaged in tourism, fishing and sailing. In Kuciste you will find... Read more


Mokalo is located 4 kilometers east of Orebic. It is known for its pine forests, olive groves and vineyards. Mokalo offers its guests accommodation in apartments and camps surrounded by... Read more


Small village called Postup is a famous Croatian vine growing area. It is situated in an elevated position and it offers breathtaking views of Peljesac channel, islands and vineyards surrounded... Read more

Borje i Podobuce

Borje and Podobuče are small villages on the southern part of Peljesac peninsula situated close to each other. Their position offers stunning views over the sea. Read more


Trstenik is a small place located on the Peljesac peninsula, in a quiet bay called Zuljana. Above Trstenika on Ćućin hill (616 meters) there are archaeological finds from the Stone... Read more

Holiday activities:

  • Sunbathing - beaches and bays of Orebic & Peljesac +

    Most of our guests visit the area because of crystal clean warm sea, nice pebble, stone and sandy beaches often settled by old pinetrees providing natural shade. We recommend that you check out the following beaches in the area: Read More
  • Walking and hiking +

    If you preffer to stay fit and active on your holiday, or if you choose to visit us out of main season - one thing you shouldn't miss is walking the paths and promenades trough Peljesac sesaside villages or hike the trails on the Peljesac hills and mountains. Read More
  • Riding bicycle - road, path & mountain biking on Peljesac +

    Bicycle - healthy and fun mode of transportation. If you feel that riding bike isn't just about getting there, but also enjoying every moment of the trip - you're at the right place. Read More
  • Windsurfing on Peljesac +

    Windsurfing is very popular sport on Peljesac. Viganj and surrounding area is known all around the world for fantastic wind conditions. Read More
  • Diving on Peljesac +

    When you visit Peljesac you have the chance to experience a whole different world that is hiding in the sea. You can uncover all the delights and natural beauty of the underwater world, see fascinating shipwrecks hidden at the bottom of the sea along with wide diversity of see life. Read More
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Tourist services:

  • Bicycle and E-bike rental in Orebic +

    If you would like to experience Peljesac by bike or mountain bike, but you don't want to or you can't transport your own bicycle here, we can offer you bicycles and e-bikes for rent in Orebic area. Read More
  • Rent a car in Orebic and on Peljesac +

    We can offer you a wide choice of cars and motorcycles to rent in the broader Orebic area. Read More
  • Rent a motorcycle in Orebic and on Peljesac +

    For those who would like to move around quickly and with minimal costs, we have a choice of motorcycles to rent in our offices in Orebic. We offer mostly 50cc and 125cc scooters with automatic transmission - which you can ride with a car driving permit and which are suitable even Read More
  • Transfers and taxi services +

    Quite often it's a problem to find the most convinient way to get from the airport, or to go from one end of Peljesac to the other. That's why we can offer you the most convinient land and sea transfers operated in cooperation with local companies. Read More
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