Most of our guests visit the area because of crystal clean warm sea, nice pebble, stone and sandy beaches often settled by old pinetrees providing natural shade. We recommend that you check out the following beaches in the area:

If you preffer to stay fit and active on your holiday, or if you choose to visit us out of main season - one thing you shouldn't miss is walking the paths and promenades trough Peljesac sesaside villages or hike the trails on the Peljesac hills and mountains.

Bicycle - healthy and fun mode of transportation. If you feel that riding bike isn't just about getting there, but also enjoying every moment of the trip - you're at the right place.

Windsurfing is very popular sport on Peljesac. Viganj and surrounding area is known all around the world for fantastic wind conditions.

When you visit Peljesac you have the chance to experience a whole different world that is hiding in the sea. You can uncover all the delights and natural beauty of the underwater world, see fascinating shipwrecks hidden at the bottom of the sea along with wide diversity of see life.



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