Ivica Dajak

Ivica Dajak

Boss at 'Croatia holidays', offering complete incoming services and logistics in Orebic, Peljesac, Croatia.

This June, we offer you 10% off our rent for all direct bookings in our offices or online.

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Thank you for your inquiry

Thank you for your inquiry. We will get back to you with confirmation or further information within hours - specially if you need the car soon. If you need the car within hours, or your answer really soon, please contact us by phone (you can also text or use Viber or WhatsApp) at +385 91 529 62 65.

Thank you,

Croatia holidays rent-a-car team!

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Easter breakfast 2017. in Orebić

All visitiors and locals are invited to enjoy public 'Easter breakfast' on Monday, April 17th, starting at 10 am in front of Hotel Adriatic in Orebić.

or better - come over and taste the oysters yourself. If you can't - we can give you sights instead of tastes.

This Saturday, March 18th, you can join the traditional Festival of oysters - Mali Ston oyster day, starting at 11 at Mali Ston.

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Easter breakfast in Orebic - Photogallery

Although it was cloudy and windy - numerous visitors attended Easter breakfast this morning in Orebic.

Locals and tourists are all invited to have a great time on Eeaster Monday, April 6th, in front of Hotel Adriatic in the center of Orebic.

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Mali Ston oyster day 2016.

Last Saturday we visited traditional 'Mali Ston oyster day' - check out what you've missed!

Yesterday we were on a promotional drive of Orebić tourist road train - newest service provided by local tourist agency Dalmatino tours.

Every day until July 1st, you can visit exhibition of sculptures and stone souvenirs by young Orebić artist and stonemason Mladen Hazdovac.

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