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It's still the best time of the year for Oysters - check out 'Mali Ston oyster day photo gallery' Featured

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Mali Ston oyster day 2017. Mali Ston oyster day 2017. Photo: B. Poluta | Gallery: M. Leko & B. Poluta

or better - come over and taste the oysters yourself. If you can't - we can give you sights instead of tastes.

As we announced in our news - traditional festival of oysters - 'Mali Ston oyster day' was held on Saturday, March 18th.

It's getting better each year, with more visitors. Maybe you can come over next year? However, if you're not into crowd and music, you can still taste oysters from Mali Ston, and it's known that they taste the best at early spring - near St. Josephs day.

Enjoy photo gallery by our associates: Marija Leko & Boris Poluta


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